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2 min readApr 9, 2021


While working on one of my projects, there is one feature where I need to display a specific flag depending upon the country code.

My first approach was to get the country flags’ zip file and extract it locally from the images folder.
You can download the list of country flags from here.

I thought this can be easy. Then, I thought as the project was on ReactJs, I wonder there might be an API for the country flags.

Then I came across,
Country Flags — A simple API to load any country flags

So, how does it work:


<img src="">


<img src="">
<img src="">


Currently, they have two themes — flat and shiny


Supported sizes are :
**16 for 16px wide flags
**24 for 24px wide flags
**32 for 32px wide flags
**48 for 48px wide flags
**64 for 64px wide flags

Simple Data Map Syntax in ReactJs

function CountryList() {
const countries_code = ["au", "af", "bd", "br", "in"];

return (
<div className="country-list">
{, index) => (
<li key={index}>

You can check out the demo link here

👏👏 By coming this far I hope you can implement this awesome country flag API on your project. So, I suggest you give it a try on your project and enjoy it!

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions and leave me a comment if you have any problems or questions.

Till then,
Keep on Hacking, Cheers

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