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Nirazan Basnet
2 min readApr 26, 2021


Carbon — Create and share beautiful images of your source code.

As you can see, you can copy the code and also scroll down the section which is a great way of presenting your code source.

And also, you can attach the image of the code like below

So how to use this,

First Step

Visit site You can see this beautiful interface where there are various settings and options. So that you can change according to your preference.

Second Step

To export your code snippets with the copy and scroll down feature,

And just paste the copied URL to the medium blog. You will see the output result below by using the copy to clipboard feature of the carbon generator.

👏👏 By coming this far I hope you can implement the carbon awesome code snippets generator and make sure to impress your developer and designer friends. So, I suggest you give it a try on your project and enjoy it!

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions and leave me a comment if you have any problems or questions.

Till then,
Keep on Hacking, Cheers



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